Road casualties down

The Department Of Transport (DfT) have released statistics on road casualties in Great Britain which indicate a fall. The main findings of the stats compared 2009 with 2008 on all accidents that involve some form of personal injury and that are reported to the Police within 30 days.

The total number of casualties, 222,146, was 4% lower than 2008.

Breakdown by injury:

» 2,222 people were killed, 12 per cent down comapred to 2008
» 24,690 were seriously injured (5% cent lower)
» 195,234 were slightly injured (4% cent lower)

Failing to look was the largest factor that lead to a collision, whilst in fatal accidents statistics, loss of control was the most frequent reported factor. 58% of pedestrian casualties failed to look. Car drivers were most likely to suffer neck injuries whilst almost 50% of pedestrian and motorcyclist injuries involved injury to their hip or legs.