Know Your Rights – Police Stop Checks

civil with the Police Officer. Don’t forget they have discretion in regards to offences you may be reported for or fined. If you conduct yourself in a civil manner, you may simply get a warning.

If you are not carrying your licence, insurance certificate or MOT, the Officer may issue you with a notice requiring you to produce these documents at a named Police Station within 7 days. You should be treated in a civil manner by the Officer.

If you have committed an offence, the Officer should explain this and then take one of the following courses of action:

  1. Report you for Summonsing
  2. Issue you a fixed penalty ticket
  3. Issue a vehicle rectification notice

The Officer has the right to seize your property as evidence of an offence, but not damage it. If your property is seized as evidence i.e. exhaust silencer or number plate, consider your position before proceeding in light of further offences being committed.

If you feel you have been unfairly treated, you should make a note of the Officer’s badge number and station then make a formal complaint by contacting (in person or by telephone) the relevant Police Station. Ask to speak to the Duty Inspector and advise them of the details of your complaint.

If you are in any doubt in regard to a prosecution involving a driving offence then seek independant legal advice.